Construction Hoist Solutions For High Rise Buildings

Are you planning to transform the skyline of a UK city or refurbish an existing tall building?

One of the challenges you face is getting personnel and materials transported upwards as the project grows.

You will need a complete service for the specification, supply and installation of a range of high capacity and high speed passenger and material hoists along with the industry wide recognised common tower system.

UBS can help you meet that challenge.

For many years UBS has been responsible for providing access solutions and systems to world class building projects throughout the UK such as;

UBS were also suppliers of construction hoists and access towers (Olympic Village) to the London 2012 Games’

Our innovative temporary works design, engineering expertise and unique Common Tower Hoist System means we can provide a solution where conventional options are limited.

By providing comprehensive engineering solutions, backed up by exceptional technical expertise and client service, UBS can solve your access problems, as our construction hoist projects show.


Dickens Yard
UBS Common Tower Access Syatem at Dickens Yard London
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Phase 2
St Barts Project Phase 2 Construction Hoist Works Side View
The Landmark
CPL The Landmark Tower Featuring UBS Twin Construction hoists for Passengers
Lee Tunnel
Lee Tunnel Construction Using UBS Tri Mast Hoist Aerial View
Kings Cross Central P1
UBS 2000kg capacity, 3.2m long materials hoists at Kings Cross 02
Broadgate Tower
Broadgate Tower twin passenger hoists common tower by UBS.
Stratford Tower
150 Stratford High St Wide Tower 2 Cages UBS Hoists 2
Seager Tower
Seager Tower UBS Common Tower & Twin Standard Speed Passenger Hoist
Heron Tower
Heron Tower Distance shot UBS Common Tower & 2 Twin High Speed Passenger Construction Hoists
St Botolphs Tower
St Botolphs Showing Both UBS Common Tower and Twin ans Single Standard Speed Construction Hoist Installations
Pan Peninsula Towers
Pan Peninsular Tower Featuring UBS Common Tower System and Twin Construction Hoists Site Wide View #2
Beetham Tower
Beetham Tower UBS Common Tower Twin High Speed Passenger Hoist
One The Elephant
One The Elephant Residential Development London
Chelsea Creek
Chelsea Creek Residential Construction Project Distant View
Ontario Tower
Common Tower System and High Speed Construction Hoist from UBS, view of top, Ballymore Properties, Ontario Tower, London Close Distance View
Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf DS3 Citigroup DS5 HSBC UBS Construction Hoists
Stratford Residential Blocks
Athletes village blocks N03 N04 single hoists steel bridges 2 UBS construction hoists
Canary Wharf BP2
BP2 Canary Wharf UBS Common Tower System Twin High Speed Passenger Construction Hoist
Elektron Project
UBS Common Tower and Twin Standard Speed Passenger Hoists at Elektron Towers
Dollar Bay
Dolar Bay Tower
London City Island
Canary Wharf DS3
Canary Wharf DS3 East & West Project UBS Common Tower System Base
Swiss Re Tower
Swiss Re The Gherkin Construction Mammoth & Twin High Speed Passenger Hoists on a UBS Common Tower
Highpoint Newington Butts
Dandara KD Tower
Image Project Hemel Showing UBS Twin Mid Speed Construction Hoists And Common Tower System Distant View